• The main goal of the Initiative is to considerably lower the level of corruption in Kyrgyzstan.
  • The Anticorruption Initiative unites civil activists, rights defenders as well as analysts, lawyers and experts who help us do our work.
  • The people must know that our political leadership is able to curb corrupt practices and punish the guilty – we have enough laws and international cooperation instruments.
  • A vast volume of information about corrupt schemes, on how the corrupt officials spend their money and save the acquired assets, is available to anyone with an internet access.

Антикоррупционное расследование нарушений при привлечении иностранных юридических консультантов к решению государственных задач Кыргызской Республики

Фонд «Антикоррупционная общественная инициатива» хочет привлечь внимание общественности и государ...

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