Fairy Tale For Rent

This investigation was prompted by our friends from Switzerland who came to travel around Kyrgyzstan this summer. It concerns a relatively small corruption matter, but it unfortunately has a disproportionate negative effect on the

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US FCPA Complaint vs Winston & Strawn LLP Filed On Our Findings

US FCPA Complaint vs Winston & Strawn LLP Filed On Our Findings In our very recent post we introduced our report on the activities of foreign legal consultants of the Kyrgyz government

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Foreign Legal Consultants: Helpers or A Trojan Horse?

Since mid-2013 our foundation, Anticorruption Public Initiative, has spent a considerable amount of time researching and understanding the Kyrgyz government practices of hiring foreign consultants. It

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Kyrgyz Anti-Monopoly Agency Confirms Findings of Anticorruption Public Initiative That Mining Auction Regulations Contradict The Law

On 6th November 2013 Anticorruption Public Initiative filed a petition the Kyrgyz Republic Anti-Monopoly Agency to review

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Kyrgyz mining rights auctions full of corruption ‘mines’!

Anticorruption Public Initiative announces the results of its legal review of Kyrgyz regulations on mining rights auctions for corruption risks. Regrettably, the existing regulations (the Kyrgyz

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Recovery of corruption proceeds for Kyrgyzstan

It is a secret to no-one that the regimes of A. Akayev and K. Baliev which ruled our country in 1990-2010 used the country as a source for their personal gain. The presidents' families and their close

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Insider Trading Monitor – Stocks with Kyrgyz Exposure

This project was proposed by our local legal advisor and our initial consultations with the business community revealed that the issue merits our involvement. About 10 publicly listed companies

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Corruption linked entities

Corruption likes silence. That is why corruption would not thrive without secrecy being easily obtainable by simply incorporating a legal entity, often offshore, and hiding behind it when perpetrating a corruption crime or laundering

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